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Equipos Electrónicos Equelplast S.L.


It is a company founded in late 2006 to provide service to companies of handling and manufacturing rolls of polyethylene film or other plastic materials.


The experience of our company is based on having been part for 10 years of manufacturers of extrusion machines and conversion, and installations in countries like France, England, Germany, Israel, Guatemala, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana , Australia and including a large number of Spanish companies.


Our main field in the sector is the manufacture and repair of electrical cabinets for, extruders control systems, such as IBC control systems, width control by ultrasound systems, film tension control by load cells and / or pneumatic dancers. At the same time we make applications replacement of electrical cabinets for cutting machine, incorporating current technology in machines that have reverse shuttle-brake systems, DC motors and / or control cards with little chance of redress.


In addition to our own production of these systems, we are CONTREX exclusive agent for Spain and Portugal. Contrex is an Italian company that has over 25 years established in the field of plastic extrusion, with gravimetric production control systems, capacitive thickness readers (optical in development) and thickness control systems using automatic air rings.




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